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Designing the future of digital content distribution.

We believe the future of content is digital. We exist to make digital content protection and distribution simple and flexible.

A few things about us

  • Nearly a decade of business
    8 years ago we set out to solve the problem of ebook and document protection and fulfillment.
  • A worldwide team
    We have a remote team serving customers in many countries and time zones.
  • Self-funded from the start
    From day one, we’ve had paying customers. We’re grateful to be fully self-funded and independently operated.
  • From indie authors to the world's largest companies
    EditionGuard was made for ventures of all sizes.

Founded in 2011

In 2011 we set out to make protecting and fulfilling digital content easier. Today, DRM and digital distribution is still costly and clunky. Our mission is to make it affordable, flexible and simple.

Since then, we’ve improved the product in multiple iterations and today we serve thousands of customers around the world. Each with unique business models from indie authors to publishing giants to global leaders in higher education. We’d love to help you get started with industry-leading DRM and fulfillment for your content.

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Our Address

1000 North West Street
Suite 1200
Wilmington, DE 19801

A full-featured solution

EditionGuard exists to make digital content protection and fulfillment simple, robust and easy to use.


Dedicated setup and ongoing support team are here when you it.


In just a few clicks, Integrate into your existing Wordpress, Magento or Shopify site with our turnkey integrations.


Get robust reports of fulfillment and usage by your customers and end users.


Sync and automate your entire catalogue with ONIX protocol.


EditionGuard includes a globally supported reader app on every major platform: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


No need for clunky, costly setup. Our API is robust, flexible and always improving.


In business for nearly a decade – know that you’re choosing a partner who’ll be around for years to come.


Simple and clear documentation for you and your end-users.

Get your e-books secured with DRM

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