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encryption with Adobe DRM

At EditionGuard, we provide you the most advanced encryption and access control technology in the Industry. As an Adobe partner, we’ve worked with the technology for more than a decade and have made it convenient for businesses of all sizes to get started easily and affordably with simple integrations and a robust API.

Adobe Content Server

Avoid large licensing costs

We run on Adobe® Content Server (“ACS”). ACS is the industry-proven server software solution that protects PDF, EPUB and MOBI files. Setting up and managing your own ACS can be costly and time-consuming. For most businesses, the initial license cost can be prohibitive for getting started. We’ve rolled that cost into our overall pricing so you can get your organization going with low risk and low maintenance.

Our average customer saves over $50,000 USD in up-front licensing fees by choosing EditionGuard.

A truly managed service with little to no maintenance

With EditionGuard, you can trust that a dedicated team is iterating and maintaining your DRM technology. This means that you do not need to hire dedicated IT staff or developers to deal with server management, maintenance and end-user support. For most of our customers, the average cost and resource savings for this is incalculable. Usually ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 USD per year just in salaries and server maintenance.

World-Class Up-Time and Support

Server up-time

We pride ourselves on 99.98% server and service up-time. And, we’ll make sure your end-users are taken care of during maintenance, so you aren’t inundated with tickets. Focus on your primary business and rest well with a service that is always on.


Our support ticket volume is far below industry standard. That’s because we’ve invested heavily into infrastructure and automation since our founding. We usually know about an error before most users do, and are able to patch before it affects any services.

In addition, our support team is available globally in every time-zone. This means that no matter where your team is, we have a dedicated support staff near your timezone to help you in a timely manner. Go ahead and give us a shout an any time!

No upfront costs and no
special licensing

EditionGuard takes care of special licensing and complex configurations so you can focus on your business.

No licensing fees

Traditional DRM requires costly licenses. EditionGuard builds licensing into pricing so our customers can reduce initial investment and start delivering content to thier customers.

One-time configuration

Custom DRM solutions can take full time staff to create, integrate and maintain. With EditionGuard your business can rely on a proven product with little or no ongoing maintenance.

30 day money back guarantee

Give our product a shot. We’ll help you integrate and if you aren’t satisfied with EditionGuard as a solution we’ll offer your money back.

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