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How EditionGuard Can Help You Deliver Online Education

online education and DRM

No one could have predicted that nearly every student would be moving to online learning, and many teachers and school districts do not have the tools they need to cope with the rapid shift from in-class instruction to online platforms. There are a number of tools that can help you deliver quality instruction to your students, but what about textbooks and other materials used during instruction?

Digital Course Materials

Many schools keep a single set of textbooks in the classroom and students throughout the day share the set of books. When everyone is learning from home, there is simply not enough copies of the books to send home. But forcing students to purchase their own books is a hardship many students can’t fathom. The middle ground is for schools to develop and deliver digital course materials. From articles to teacher-produced content, these digital materials will be critical in ensuring students have access to the content they need to continue learning without disruption.

Digital Rights Management in Education

Digital Rights Management (DRM) can be used to protect all types of digital content, not just ebooks. From documents (like an exam) to licensed articles to sheet music, DRM ensures that your content is only available to the users you authorize. Even when materials are made freely available to students, faculty who create the content have the right to protect their copyright and get credit for the creation.

DRM’s Role in Online Education

DRM can be a critical component for online learning. While students will return to the classroom, education may be permanently impacted by the pandemic. The development and utilization of online learning content can be enhanced by flexible DRM solutions.

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