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How To Publish
eBooks Online

Learn the process to self publishing a book or catalog.

For Publishers

A look at how publishing ebooks works for authors, educators and publishers of all size.


How To Publish An eBook

Self publishing online, whether as an independent author or as a major publisher or educational institute, is easy with EditionGuard.

Meet Stephanie

Let’s follow the journey Stephanie, a self publishing author, takes to publish and sell her ebooks on her website. From cover design, to uploading, encrypting, managing and delivering your ebooks from your website, EditionGuard has the tools you need.


Book Cover Design

Overlooked by some, Stephanie is a seasoned author and savvy marketer and realizes a catchy ebook cover design is the critical first step a consumer evaluates, often subconsciously, to determine if her book is worth clicking on. She invests in a cover design as the first step to selling her ebooks online.

Fast, Affordable Book Cover Design

EditionGuard has an in-house art team capable of both full custom artwork and illustration as well as cover designs. Contact our team for more details.


The eBook Publishing Platform

Next, Stephanie knows she needs an online publishing solution, she prefers EditionGuard. EditionGuard’s platform handles all the complexities of DRM (digital rights management) encryption and fulfillment so she can focus on selling her books online.

DRM Solutions

EditionGuard provides Adobe DRM solutions, open source DRM by Readium LCP plus our own proprietary DRM technology EditionLink and EditionMark.


You Are In Control Of Your Catalog

Next, Stephanie uploads all her digital content in PDF, EPUB or MOBI files to the EditionGuard platform. She can then choose her preferred level of protection to add to her files.

Flexible Permissions

Based on the DRM you choose, you can choose from a variety of permissions, such as controlling how many devices can view your books, whether to allow printing or copying and when viewing permissions expire.


Connect EditionGuard To Your Website

Once her catalogue is uploaded, Stephanie can perform a one-time setup to link EditionGuard with any major eCommerce platform she might use, such as Shopify, WordPress or Magento. Now her entire sales flow is fully automated through EditionGuard, Stephanie can focus on selling books.

Secure Delivery

Automate Your Fulfillment

Now Stephanie is ready to generate download links for easy and secure sharing. Every time a customer completes a purchase of Stephanie’s eBook, a download link will be delivered directly to their inbox. Stephanie can also set a specific expiry date, so the link won’t be available to download forever.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor downloads and sales every eBook generates, and how many users view their content. All viewable in one central dashboard.

For Readers

A look at how consumers purchase, download and read your ebooks with EditionGuard.


The Customer’s Journey

EditionGuard makes it effortless for your customers to purchase an ebook from your website while ensuring your ebooks are securely fulfilled and protected from piracy.

Meet Jason

Jason is a student and a fan of Stephanie’s books. Over the next few steps we’ll walk you through the customer journey from Jason’s perspective on how he purchases, downloads and reads his new ebook.


Receive An eBook Download Link

Once Jason purchases one of Stephanie’s eBooks, EditionGuard automatically generates a secure download link which will be delivered directly to Jason’s inbox.

Open Links On Any Device

Download links generated by EditionGuard can be opened on Mac, PC, and across iOS and android mobile devices.


Activate the link

Once Jason receives his download link, he simply clicks on it to claim his copy of the book. If he’s new to Adobe Digital Editions, all he’ll need to do is a one-time setup to create an Adobe ID and he’s up and running.

Adobe Digital Editions

The EditionGuard team is here to ensure the process is as simple and easy for your end users as it is for you.


Get Reading!

There you have it! Jason’s ready to read his new ebook, while Stephanie can rest easy knowing her ebooks are fully DRM-protected on all her customer’s devices.

Read On Any Compatible Device

Since the purchase is tied to his account, Jason is free to read his newly purchased book on whichever reader app or device he chooses.

Securely Sell eBooks Online

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