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Readium LCP

Readium licensed content protection (LCP) is a powerful vendor neutral eBook DRM solution offered by EditionGuard.

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Benefits of Readium LCP

Readium is quickly becoming the most attractive and secure eBook DRM on the market.

Lower Cost

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Readium LCP over Adobe DRM is cost. While offering a similar level of eBook DRM settings and encryption, the cost per download can be significantly less.

Supported Files

Currently Readium LCP supports EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 (including with embedded audio and video content), plus Readium Packaged Web Publications (audiobooks and DiViNa).

Vendor Neutral

Unlike Adobe DRM, Readium LCP is being developed collaboratively within a non-profit foundation we’re also a member of. This allows for lower costs and greater flexibility, such as custom reader apps.

Readium Content Management

While not as granular in the level of content control as Adobe DRM (which may be a good thing), Readium content management is more streamlined and sufficient for most use cases. And in the case of limiting the number of devices, it allows for more flexibility because there are no hard coded limits unlike Adobe DRM.

Display Permissions

Readium allows for access level control with a unique pass-phrase unique to each eBook encrypted with Readium LCP. Additionally, you can control when reading access expires. This is powerful, for instance, if you want to offer eBooks for rent.

Copy Permissions

With Readium you can set the number of text characters that a user can copy and paste or restrict copying altogether. Copy permissions are an essential part of any strong eBook DRM which help to reduce illegal duplicates of your eBooks.

Printing Protections

Similar to copy permissions, Readium allows you to control if customers can print your content and if so, how many pages at a time making it significantly harder for priaters to distribute your eBook content even if someone shares a pass-phrase.

A Secure eBook DRM

Readium is a passphrase-based rights digital rights management (DRM) technology for eBooks, meaning eBook readers simply enter a unique access code you provide to view their content. As such, there is no need for the creation of another account, which allows for a better user experience.

Unlike other popular DRMs like Adobe DRM, Readium is open spec but just as secure. Readium is built on industry leading encryption and hashing algorithms, including:

This means as an eBook publisher you can securely fulfill your eBooks orders and your customers can easily read your eBooks but can not share them with unauthorized users.

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