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Securely sell and fulfill eBook orders with Storefront, a turnkey ecommerce solution with no percentage fees.

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Turnkey Product Pages

Every eBook or PDF that you upload to EditionGuard comes with its own hosted Storefront page. Each page acts as a dedicated ecommerce page, providing product details, pricing and secure checkout.

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Secure Checkout

Each product page provides users pricing and a secure checkout page with integrated payouts directly to your bank account via PayPal or Stripe, the leading online payment processor.

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Secure eBook Fulfillment

The power of Storefront over other ecommerce solutions is the EditionGuard DRM engine. Every eBook or PDF that is purchased from Storefront is encrypted based on your DRM settings to prevent piracy and unauthorized sharing.

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Powerful Settings

Storefront puts you in control. After uploading your eBook, choose your DRM settings, add product details and pricing, manage sales and customize your branding (enterprise only).

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Fast, easy setup with secure DRM fulfillment.

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