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Explore our flagship eBook fulfillment service for small, enterprise or independent publishers.

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Uploading your eBooks to EditionGuard is fast and easy, we accept .epub .mobi and .pdf files. Input as much metadata about each book as desired and then select your eBook DRM.

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Select Your eBook DRM

Selecting an ebook DRM is easy with EditionGuard. Choose between Adobe DRM, Readium LCP or one of several social DRMs. Then adjust your content controls to restrict ebook access along with copy and print permissions.

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Protect Your Content

Each eBook DRM has different content management options. You can protect your eBook content by managing display access, enabling copy limitations and placing restrictions on printing.

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Secure eBook Fulfillment

You can now fulfill your eBook orders manually by providing customers with a download link to your protected book. Alternatively, you can automate your eBook fulfillment by adding EditionGuard to your website using one of our integrations or our REST API.

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Activity Monitor

Monitor your daily downloads and eBook fulfillments from the EditionGuard dashboard or activity page. You can see total downloads as well as whether a transaction has been fulfilled, which occurs when a user opens a DRM encrypted eBook to read.

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